Article data:
Item-No.: 12.6
Length: 450 mm - 17 3/4"
Weight: 2750 g
Iron width: 60 mm - 2 3/8"

Replacement blades:
simply: 03.6/7 L
with blade flap: 03.6/7 D
HHS-blade simply: 03.6/7 SL
HSS-blade with blade flap: 03.6/7 SD
Toothed Blade simply: 03.6/7 T
Toothed Blade with flap diameter: 03.6/7 TD

The planes are based on the Bailey- principle. The planebody and frog are fully machined using modern equipment to fit together perfectly.
The plane soles precisely ground flat to within 0.1 mm upon leaving our plant.
The blade-thickness is 2.5 mm. The plane blades can be finely adjusted using the knurled screws and lateral adjustment.
Additional HSS- blades (for working hard wood and plastic)and toothed blades are also available for the planes.