CRW 0402

Best quality in respect of both materials and workmanship is a characteristic of our trademark KUNZ® - planes and tools for woodworking. We have the pleasure of presenting our new product line KUNZ®plus in a new design and outstanding high quality.

KUNZ®plus stands for more and greater diversity of customer- oriented performance characteristics. This new product line combines all positive features of the current plane range with innovative details, high precision manufacturing and new modern styling.

Product details:

  • Manufactured from stress- relief annealed grey- cast iron
  • Iron seated optimally an top of the frog to prevent chattering and skittering
  • Plane iron made from optimized tool steel, 3,5 mm thickness, hardened af 60-62 HRC, guaranteeing a significantly longer edge life
  • Easy and precise setfing of mouth opening by turning just a single screw
  • Novelty iron adjustment with just one single screw, providing significantly improved performance characteristics
  • Mechanically grinded ground Sole and precision made rectangular grinded sides
  • Handle and knob made from noble native woods
  • Iran cap male from brushed precision steel

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